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Car Dealer Stickers Information

Custom vinyl stickers for cars, made especially for car dealers and businesses. We have large car stickers available. Free Quotes.

Automotive Pro-Cut Vinyl Decals are individually die-cut and then laminated with pre-masking for easy application. Screen printing a color may be necessary when very fine copy or intricate logos are involved. Additional charges apply if your copy or logo will require screen printing as an additional color. Die-cutting is included in the price of this item.

Auto Vinyl Stickers

Die-cut vinyl letters look distinctive and professional. They are often associated with the automotive market, but increasingly they are used for equipment labeling, fleet markings and even a booster club decals.

Lay decal, FACE UP on a smooth hard surface. Squeegee the surface to insure good contact between the pre-mask and the vinyl beneath it.
Lay decal flat, FACE DOWN. Slowly remove backing paper from the pre-mask, pulling straight back and flat as shown (not at an angle).
Apply pressure-sensitive vinyl to prepared surface, then squeegee pre-mask surface using overlapping strokes
To expose product, pull pre-masking away at an angle using a continuous motion. If bubbles occur in the letters, simply prick with a needle and smooth. Do not use a knife or razor.
Note: White Pro-Cuts may be supplied on a colored liner for improved visibility. While different liners may have different release properties, all liner types will release successfully following the steps specified above.

Vinyl Colors Available

Choose from one of our many varieties of colored vinyls:

Material Colors Available for Automotive Vinyl Decals

Pro-Cut Guidelines


  • All Text must be at least .25 inches tall.
  • The space between characters and elements must be at least .045 inches.
  • Main strokes, line weights or art elements should be a minimum of .0625 inches.
  • Pro-cuts should be measured according to the active material area being used.
  • An additional carrier for the material will be applied automatically for the process.
Example of Pro-Cut Picks
Picks are the areas of the letters or graphics that must be pulled out after cutting. Additional costs are applied to orders over 14 picks per decal.

Pro-Cut Picks

Square Inches:

To determine Square Inches,
multiply the Total Width x Total Height of image.
Example above: 4.5" X 1.375" = 6.1875"

Wholesale Pricing for Automotive Vinyl Decals

Auto Vinyl Decals, Item #ST598

10 or Less Square Inches
(6" max. length)

Die-Cut Vinyl Only $2.06 $1.24 $0.68 $0.47 $0.45 $0.40
Each Screen Printed Color $1.05 $0.62 $0.33 $0.21 $0.16 $0.12
11 to 17 Square Inches
(6" max. length)
Die-Cut Vinyl Only $2.22 $1.34 $0.76 $0.57 $0.54 $0.45
Each Screen Printed Color $1.10 $0.66 $0.34 $0.23 $0.18 $0.13

An additional $20 non-refundable artwork layout charge must be paid before work can begin.

Price includes copy set in our standard typestyles of 14 or less picks. Additional picks are $0.02 per pick, per decal. Simple and open typestyles are recommended for this item.

For additional and smaller sizes of car dealer stickers:


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